Vivian Meir- Self Portrait

Vivian Maier – Street Photographer

Vivian Maier – Street Photographer 7 November 2014 – 28 January 2015 in Foam, Amsterdam. Vivian Maier, Street Photographer is a retrospective exhibition featuring the work of a female street photographer whose impressive oeuvre was only discovered at the end of her life – and then immediately caused a worldwide sensation. Vivian Maier (New York,


Malwa Grabowska

Edited by Odeta Catana, Photo Editor Malwa Grabowska Could you please tell us a little more about yourself. I am a ttraveler I am on the road.  I was born in Poland, I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently I reside in NYC. I am all over the place to get connected, to share and



Edyta Jabłońska is a 26-year-old photographer from the eastern Poland). She graduated from the socio-cultural animation and art education. A year ago, she graduated from the Academy of Photography in Krakow. She is inspired by both the conceptual photography and documentary. She is delighted with the aesthetics of failure, Iceland and everything connected with it.




Peace, peace, peace and only peace! Peace must reign between God and man and between people. This is the primary call of the Virgin Mary revealing herself for the last thirty three years to six chosen people from Medjugorie. While the Queen of Peace calls for fasting every Wednesday and Friday, new restaurants, bars, coffee



Henry Todd AW14/15

Edited by Angel Leung- Editor from UK Henry Todd is a London based brand and recently launched in November 2014. This luxury lifestyle brand has been inspirited by British heritage, also blending the tradition and Haute Couture into knitwear. The style of this brand is classical, chic and sophisticated but preppy. All the garments are


Faustine Steinmetz SS15

Edited by Angel Leung – Editor from UK This was the first show of the new SS15 season in London for me and Faustine has set a high bar for the day. Faustine is born in Paris and studied at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris and moved to London to progress her master in Central


No signal but love

Photo credits: Paola Vivas and Leonardo Bertuccelli Fashion designer: Barbara Sanchez Kane Post Production: Barbara Sanchez Kane


Interview With Designer Sini Moilanen

Edited by Angel Leung- Editor from UK Earlier this week, I had tea with the designer Sini Moilanen from Tramp In Disguise at ME London Hotel. We had an informal interview and chat about SS15 – Fallen Angel and the next collection. As well as having tea, I was also there for the live photo



    There’s a city in the world where walking is the ordinary way of moving. Levius footwear is proudly handmade in Venice area and named after the Latin word for “lighter” as lightweight shoes are what you need there, and everywhere.




Edited by Roberta De Monte Design by  Goula/Figuera Proofreading Bianca Baroni All images courtesy of Goula/Figuera



Beguile the Night, beyond drawing.

Edited by: Online Editor – Art and Culture Department  Open until Sunday 19th October Beguile the Night, beyond drawing is a drawing exhibition taking place at Dark Matter Studio in London (open daily – 10 – 6pm, free). Five up-and-coming artists got together for this interesting joint venture: Gary Colclough, Zoe Dorelli, Patrick Jackson, Marianne Walker, Mary Yacoob.



Berlin celebrates 25 years of freedom

Text: Andrea Morote Jareño After 25 years, Berlin celebrated yesterday the Fall of the Wall with a great and illuminated memorial. Thousand of people congregated this weekend in Berlin to see and feel this expected event, the shining balls that crossed the city simulating the Wall which separated the citizens for twenty-eight years. The Berliner



Edited by: Riccardo Del Fabbro – Architecture Department – Proofreading: Bianca Baroni Where: Métis, Canada Artworks: “contemporary landscape spaces” Few days ago, the results of one of the most important show of North America and of the World in general for what concerns landscape architecture came out: we are talking about The International Garden

Enter The Void

Edited by: Enrico Mancini Architecture: Guillaume Mazars Architecture Where: worlds of El Lissitzky competition, Russia Proof reading: Bianca Baroni When you are an architect, a designer, an artist or simply a creative person, you think your ideas are just great. Then it happens that while you’re browsing around on the internet suddenly you’re hit in the face

Forced Into Fashion


What I Learned Going From Fat Teenager To Male Model

I used to be able to take lick my own nipples – and I’m not flexible. I once hid a leaf in my bellybutton for a 30hr+ plane ride to see if my bellybutton was deep enough to keep it there for the whole trip. It was.

A Coffee With Maurizio



It’s been a lot since my last time here. I have been writing, reading and take care of myself, since the moment I broke my foot. No, I wasn’t boxing as the picture may be suggesting. I was home dancing by myself (a thing I usually do while I sing and I drink some red