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Despite the high budget and the Special Jury Prize won at Venice Film Festival, “The Bad Batch” disappoints the expectations arose from her feature film debut, the b/w vampire western “A girl walks home alone at night”.

Emir Kusturica on Rituals and Cinema as Collective Therapy. An Interview with Emir Kusturica by Alexander Darkish about his last movie: “On the milky road”, presented at the Venice Film Festival 2016. Video by Jeva Griskjane Audio: G.Olmo Stuppia

Positive Magazine, in collaboration with Biennale Urbana, and thanks to the support of Bevande Futuriste and Giol Italian Organic and Vegan Wines, organized an unique event during the Venice Film Festival.

It’s not clear who could be part of the audience of a movie like The Woman Who Left, at least outside the Festival and its enthusiastic audience, but maybe it doesn’t matter.

Alice Lowe (Sightseers,Locke, Hot Fuzz) directed and starred in her revenge movie “Prevenge” while she was pregnant, portraying this experience as a superpower beyond the Clichés, through a melange of different genres (horror, comedy, noir and a sci-fi touch) reflecting ...

Always Shine director Sophia Takal deals with traditional expected lady-like manners in the competitive world of Hollywood

Venice Film Festival and James Franco are an inseparable match since years and in the course of time have brought more than a surprise.

The bloody Chuck Wepner, “The Bayonne Bleeder”: the boxer who faced the world champion Muhammed Ali and the true source of inspiration of Stallone’s legend, Rocky Balboa.

Do white lies really exist? This childish but eternal question is at the center of the reflection of François Ozon on the Great War –and on every other conflict after that huge and unspeakable tragedy- in his Frantz, which is ...

Words by FRANCESCO ALO’ Translation by Bianca Baroni In collaboration with Four chapters (Disclosure, Exodus, Genesis, Punishment), -and the first three written chronologically backwards- are the lifting body of the western deeds Brimstone, which is the first great international work ...