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Italy entered the war on June 10, 1940 , after the victory of the Germans against France , with the prospect of a blitzkrieg. However the military unpreparedness of italians ...

e have been in Venice for the latest exhibition of the American photographer David la Chapelle. “Lost+Found”, is the title of the exhibition, taking place at “Casa dei Tre Oci” ...

After the Russian annexation of Georgia in the early 19th Century, the town of Borjomi and its surroundings were placed under the Russian military authorities.

At the beginning of the 1970s, there were no public skate-parks and young skaters used empty swimming pools for this purpose. Bali is a paradise for surfers; when the tropical ...

Photographer: Sylwia Woźniak Creative Director & Stylist: Dariusz Kowalski Model: Jakub Nowak @ Established Models Grooming: Toshinari Kokubun Make up: Andreea Calin

Boxing is a popular sport in Cuba. The country has a long list of Olympic gold medals to demonstrate its skills.

“Infidels, pagans, non-believers,” these are terms the Islamic State (IS) uses when referring to minority groups within their reach. IS’s aggressive entry into Iraq, which is home to mostly Sunni ...

Migrant’s winter in the Italian mountainous communities.

Vietnam, officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, has approximately 89,708,900 inhabitants. If well the Vietnamese population is largely composed of young (in 1989 39% of Vietnamese were under ...

In 2001 Portugal decided to deal with its endemic narcotics problem in a novel manner; By decriminalizing all narcotics and instead choosing to focus on harm reduction efforts they were ...