Berlin Web Week 2012

As part of POSI+TIVE Magazine’s special edition about Berlin, the team was invited to attend several events for the Berlin Web Week including StartUpWeekend, Heureka! and the European Venture Market. As we bounced back and forth between an 18th century palace, a renovated coal power plant and a sandy beach nestled between the Berlin Wall and the Spree River, we were inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of Berlin’s start-up community.

Gazing into the faces of young, hungry entrepreneurs and seasoned business people, we caught a glimpse of the future of media, communication, design, technology and commerce. After a week of early mornings and late nights solely fueled by brilliant ideas, energy drinks and espresso shots, Berlin Web Week came to an end, and it is kristallklar that there is a bright future for start-ups in Berlin.

Fotos: Petra Fantozzi

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