Boys in the cut by Gaia Musacchio

Photos by Gaia Musacchio

Gaia Musacchio was born in 1988 and she is an italian based photographer: she currently lives between Venice and Bologna. In 2011 she graduated at the Università IUAV of Venice with a degree in architecture and since then she continued to further develop her long-time interest in photography. Her work is mainly focused on documenting the urban and the social landscape through the study of the environment.

In the cut: An area that no one knows about. Every skater should skate New York City at least once in their lives: no other city in the world feels like New York for skating. ‘Boys in the cut’ is a project started in New York in june 2012. I spent a week documenting some of the spots that the city offers to analyze the relationship between those kind of architectures and the urban landscape. I was in contact with some of the guys who used to skate in those places and I wanted to point up the fact that skating is not just a casual hobby but it becomes a real lifestyle. This project talks about the relationship between skaters, their boards and the urban spaces and it explores the concept of passion.

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