brasil, Paulo

Downtown San Paulo, Brazil

ccording to Wikipedia, San Paulo is the 4th biggest city on the Planet in area, 12th in population. Few blocks from the City Hall, the Stock Exchange, the Central Bank, ...

Cuba: after the blockade.

After a 50 plus year economic blockade, President Obama issued directives that would loosen sanctions and eventually (hopefully) normalize relations between the United States and Cuba.

Rotterdam: the best city for skateboarding in The Netherlands.

e Maasstad, Roffa or 010, whatever you want to call Rotterdam, it’s definitely the best city for skateboarding in The Netherlands. Since I moved to the Netherlands, two years ago, ...

A Sunday In Kibera

Kibera, Kenya is one of the largest slums in the world. An estimated 1.2 million people, half of the people that live in Kenyas capital city, Nairobi, live in Kibera. ...

Peninsula (which comes from the Latin Paenīnsula, an area of land almost completely surrounded by water except for an isthmus connecting it with the mainland) is a series of photographs ...

Growth is a collection of twenty deliberately crafted images which portray the sometimes difficult, and yet tender, journey to self-realization.







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