"La Paz Desnuda" by María Victoria Baraga

Photos by María Victoria Baraga

María Victoria Baraga was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1984. In 2010, she graduated as a photographer from the Escuela Argentina de Fotografía.

Explanation of the serie “La Paz Desnuda”:

This series comes from a group work with Fernando Bogado, the author of the book “La paz desnuda”. He convoked me for illustrating it through images. Instead of doing a lineal way, I tried to take pictures of what I felt by haven read the book. This led to a personal and old search about love. Love as the impossible reaching of the desire, love as an unreal and idyllic construction that never realizes. Each one is a projection of the other´s desire, in the way that the identity is only a fictitious construction. Each one is representing the frustration of not being able to reach that ideal, which provokes the feeling of love as absence.

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