One Thousand. The new brand made in Italy

Last year we have been speaking about this new brand, which actually is a lot more than just a “clothing brand“. We can say is like a concept, something that is taking a lot of ideas (around 1000…) and concentrating them in one name: “One Thousand “.

One Thousand was born last year in Treviso: Federico Folladore and Alberto Ruvoletto are the founders of this new project and it’s a mix between music and fashion. Both of them are fashion designers, and their first collection, named “Decade“, was presented in Milan during the last Fashion week.

Decade is a creation of 10 stories, showing different background cultural ideas: one of them is for sure the “genderless” theme, as their clothes are for everybody, no matter who you are, it’s just a way to express yourself from the designers point of view, without and cliché.

Here we have some photos realized by the italian photographer Luca Zambelli; the models are Joberta Netto and Giovanni Tamiello and the styling has been curated by Federico & Alberto.


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