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Berlin Events: Survivors Group Exhibition

Berlin Events: Survivors Group Exhibition

________________________________ Event: Art Exhibition Where: Berlin Text: Andrea Morote Pictures: Andrea Morote ________________________________ Survivors, a group exhibition curated by Wolfgang Petrick opened on the 30th of May. It was organized by thirty Artists both former students and guests. Over the next month, the halls of the lovely Löwenpalais, one of Yoko Ono‘s favourite places as the


May 1st protest in Berlin’s Kreuzberg

For decades “autonomen” – anarchists and far-left demonstrators – have held an annual “Revolutionary May 1st protest” in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. The past few years have seen some decline in the level of violence, particularly due to a family-friendly “My-fest” festival, that has been organized in the same area since 2003, drawing in enough peaceful by


Lykke Li @ Astra Berlin

Text and Pictures by  Stefanie Schmid Rincon POSI+IVE  was at the Lykke Li concert last Wednesday at Astra Berlin  - Just in Time for her new Album Release  ‘I never Learn’ which was   last Friday, 2nd of May. After the Dance and Summerhits  ‘Little bit’ , ‘Dance ,dance, dance’ and  ‘I follow rivers’, Lykke


Achtung Festival Berlin – Awards Show

________________________________ Event: Awards Show Where: Berlin Text: Julián Roncal Pictures: Stefanie Schmid Video: Andrea Morote ________________________________ On the 16th of April, at Babylon cinema in Berlin, the 10th edition of the Achtung Festival was celebrated. Achtung Festival will host their 11th edition next year, so it’s no surprise that filmmakers and production companies based in Berlin