A large number of exhibition openings take place in galleries and art institutions, and in parallel the two main art fairs, Art Berlin and Positions, open their doors to the public. Words by Maria Nitulescu

We met Charles Caesar in New York to discuss his work, the purpose of his photography and why film still matters. Interview and photography by Nicolò Bernardi

From October 4 to December 9 at Olivier Malingue in London will take place the Panoptes Project by french artist Laurent Grasso.

SUPERFLEX proudly presents One Two Three Swing!, a large-scale public space installation for the Tate Modern’s 2017 Hyundai Commission.

At Miart one of the most important exhibitions was undoubtedly that of Plutschow Gallery from Zurich, a gallery interested in the works of established artists as well as other emerging. The goal of Plutschow as shown at Miart is to ...

Text by Maria Nitulescu, art editor Photo courtesy by Andrea Rossetti allery Esther Schipper presents The Mulberry Forest Becoming Ocean, a group exhibition with a title inspired from a Chinese proverb about the constancy of change brought by time. The ...

FIAC is held each year in late October in Paris, at the Grand Palais. This year, FIAC opened its doors from Thursday the 20th to Sunday the 23rd of October. em>Photos & Words by Maria Nitulescu

Ghosts of Empire is a collection of collages created by Ben Gore, about the rise and fall of human civilization. The project is a group of visual vignettes which each deal with an issue that has plagued mankind on its ...

Rikardo’s artistic expression is anything but already seen and boring (re)interpretation of the world. He has successfully avoided the present trap where there are none and the same time many artistic directions, ideas and aspirations. Through his creativity, Rikardo takes ...

Yulia Pankova is often inspired by reading world classics from various cultures as well as her studies in folklore and mythology. Drawn from imagination, the artist’s recent paintings were inspired by “The Tale of Genji”, a masterpiece of Japanese literature written by ...