We have interviewed Tamara Stoll on her photography project Sonnenallee. A project on multiculturalism and community.

We have interviewed Sara Zanella a young and very talented Italian photographer based in Copenhagen on her project The Way Home Russia.

________________________________ Event: Cinema projection Where: Berlin Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal ________________________________ Today we go into one of the most interesting projects in Berlin. It is one of those that should abound around the globe, or more than abound (because ...

The Berlin Film Society has curated a unique programme of exemplary documentary films which explore topics as diverse as censorship, race, sexuality, cinematic history, collective and personal memory, war on drugs, and even the medium of filmmaking itself. The programme ...

Sebastian Wesman's performance "A Blue Bird" is a stunning marriage of the classic and the contemporary, blurring the lines of traditional music and art.

Photographer Jonathan Kelso explores the southern part of the United States with his heart on his sleeve.