Mario Leko's strange and surreal images surrounding sleep and dreaming culminate in the haunting short piece Jastuk, or 'Pillow Shots'.

Virginia Ines Vergara is a New York based photographer. Her latest project includes glass-scapes realized with three different cameras of which only the third one takes pictures. The first two, film-less, function as viewing devices only.

Sebastián Utreras (31) is a Chilean photographer

Among the many exciting events happening at Les Recontres d'Arles Photographie Festival is the 2012 Discovery Award. POSIT+TIVE reviews three of these emerging artists.

Liselotte Fleur loves to have interesting and different people in front of her camera, that's why she photographed 5 androgynous models in a vulnerable way. Now it's all about the human in general, not about the gender.

Korean photographer June P. Kim is a literary editor by day and a wandering flâneur by night.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is one of the world's largest cities, more than 25 millions inhabitants which produces a lot of wastes. Until today an ad-lib urban plan did not menage the situation, living the city flooding in the ...

Somali refugees in Italy: avoiding the risk of been killed or forced to fight they try to move from Somalia to foreign countries.

The London’s Photographers Gallery on Ramillies Street is currently hosting Burtynsky: OIL, an exhibition by the Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. His travels across the world, witnessed by his photographs, aim to bring out the role of oil on all our ...

Zed Nelson is a British photographer, and the exhibition A tale of two cities is focused not only in one city, London, but also in a precise area of London, Hackney. Under the same postcode, two different cities seem to ...