The invention of the Sea

Born in Bolzano, Alto Adige, in 1980, Claudia Corrent is graduate in Philosophy at Trento University. Her interest in photography began several years ago. In 2007 she attended Francesco Iodice’s workshop on “Visual urban photography” at Bolzano University’s Faculty of Design and Graphic Arts. She has been teaching photography in various educational institutions in Bolzano, where she is currently living.

2-DSC_6301 copia

3-DSC_7350 copia

4-DSC_7120 copia

5-DSC_7105 copia

6-DSC_7167 copia

7-DSC_7226 copia

8-DSC_7307 copia

9-DSC_7251 copia

10-DSC_7033 copia

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