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Organised by www.map12.info – www.map12.info

A Forming State is an exhibition organised by the London College of Communication to present the work of its MA Photography 2012 graduates.
From the 14th to the 24th November, the 44 artists will be featured at the in the University of the Arts London in Elephant & Castle.

From the artworks the viewer can feel the common interest in photography in all its form, a passion and a strong artistic background by all the photographers and their will to become part of history.
The participants were encouraged to experiment and visit boundaries of the medium, creating their own body of work on a dynamic research and learning-practical process focused on their interests.

The group show is formed with a selection from each artist’s portfolio commissioned for the occasion. Through images, video installations, digital media, each artist explores his time manifesting the combination of languages and the diversity of the contemporary approach of photography and its fast-changing techniques.
All aimed to achieve a special sort of irregular harmony, the harmony of a new forming state.


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