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My career as an architect started with a formal education of Architecture. Having graduated with a B.Arch degree, I worked with Vasthukam, Thrissur, towards exploring indigenous vernacular architecture of India. My interests include architectural- documentation, conservation, theory and journalism. Also affiliated to Arch2O as an editorial intern, I'm presently tutoring at SEDA (School of Environmental Design and Architecture), Navrachana University, Vadodara.

An old saying ‘Excess is dangerous’ has proved pivotal for mankind and its evolution. With the increasing shortage of time, the affair of an office man with his desk/chair has intensified (literally and figuratively). Too much of sitting has made man a fixture to his chair. Exercise and fitness have become the least important priorities of […]
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The idea of walking on broken glass got transformed innovatively by the designer Yusuke Seki, when he was approached for the remodeling of Maruhiro, the Flagship store for Hasami Ceramics. Standing on the shoulders of Japanese Hasami ceramics history, Maruhiro is the leading producer of Hasami pottery and porcelain. Named for the region including Hasami, […]