Horizon: The passage is blocked; between us and nature it is always interposes something. What’s behind these structures? What are for us? They seem to be lifeless, empty containers without no one. Concrete ghost blocks ghost in stasis, they apparently are waiting for the return of someone.

For ours eyes are now only a hindrance, an abandonment symbols. The reconversion is almost impossible.
There is only one dogma at the contrary, build but never demolish. Our eye would rebel and turning his gaze back towards the infinite. But probably with time dreams change and with them the horizon to reach.

About the author:
Lorenzo Palombini was born in Rome, July 15, 1983. He studied at the Roman School of Photography and Officine Fotografiche to improve his skills. Previously his interests were tied to a different kind, in fact, he graduated in Aerospace Engineering in 2010. Actually he lives and works in Rome, Italy.

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