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Since we started She Thought Outside The Box, we only wrote about Flea-markets in Berlin. Truth is that the city has many other widely known food-markets, such as the Türkenmarkt in Maybachufer.

Berlin, just like the rest of Germany, has a large community of Turkish population. Actually, Turkish is the first foreigner ethnic in both the country and the city. In fact, it’s said that Berlin has the third largest Turkish population of any city in the world. So it’s hardly surprising that a Turkish market is one of the most famous and successful ones.

As expected, the market is located in Neukölln, in the street of Maybachufer, parallel to the banks of the Landwehrkanal. It takes place twice a week: on Tuesdays and Fridays.


The Türkenmarkt is one of the liveliest street markets. Here you can find from fresh fruits and vegetables to Turkish specialities, a large offer of species, fresh cheeses and meet, among others. You can also eat kebabs and other Turkish fast food. Of course the prices are quite cheap, so a lot of people go there with their week shopping list.

The smells, the colours and the textures combined with the mix of people create an atmosphere that makes you feel like if you were in another country.

The day we walked there we wanted to buy some flowers. This is what we found!










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