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Japanese Vending Machines

This project explores the colorful world of Japanese vending machines. Japan has 5.52 million vending machines spread across the country. With a population of 127 million people, that is 23 ...

Working with portraiture and documentary photography, Dorothée Nowak is mainly interested by the subject of displacement and explores the concept of migration. After meeting with members of the Polish community ...

From 1935, Leica introduces again the Thambar-M 90 mm f/2.2 lens with a new, fresh design, but the same mechanical structure, to give your photos that perfect romantic look.

We have interviewed Tamara Stoll on her photography project Sonnenallee. A project on multiculturalism and community.

Starting on the 9th November until the 23rd December, at Galerie Thierry Bigaignon in Paris, Amélie Labourdette will debut with her first solo exhibition, Empire of Dust.

We met Charles Caesar in New York to discuss his work, the purpose of his photography and why film still matters. Interview and photography by Nicolò Bernardi

Leica Gallery, Los Angeles, is proud to announce Conversation with Angels, the photographic exihibition by Nikki Sixx, founder and bassist of the band Mötley Crüe.

The Mondial Air Balloon is a biyearly event that saw its début in 1989. It is the World's biggest hot air balloon festival, followed by the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival ...

In Lishui, every year, takes place a Photography Festival: a gaze on the past of photography, but also a view of its contemporaneity.

Visa pour l'image: more than a festival on photojournalism, a window on faraway countries.

Adrian Saker's fascination with suburbia stems from both a desire to understand and to connect with the people and places around him and is motivated by a drive to express ...