Posi+tive Berlin

Event: Art Exhibition
Where: Berlin
Text: Andrea Morote
Andrea Morote

Survivors, a group exhibition curated by Wolfgang Petrick opened on the 30th of May. It was organized by thirty Artists both former students and guests.


Over the next month, the halls of the lovely Löwenpalais, one of Yoko Ono‘s favourite places as the story goes, will be filled with visual poetry.

The exhibition includes pictorial pieces, sculptures, photographs and films, all presented in a vast collage. The works maintain an engaging individuality while reacting with each other to form a universe of colors and shapes. Reality and fantasy, the beautiful and the grotesque, become one in perfect harmony to turn the Löwenpalais into a scene for the senses.


The inauguration had a warm reception and many activities took place during the event, the launch ceremony gave way to a poetry reading, followed by music and live performances.



“Dem Chaos entkommen:
dreams, sounds, strange reality”
Duration: 02.06.2014 – 13.07.2014

Löwenpalais, Berlin
Stiftung Starke

Opening times:

Monday -Friday: 9:00h – 17:00h
Saturday & Sunday: closed

Tatjana Bergius, Ariane Boss, Winfried Bullinger, Baldur Burwitz, Adriana Ciudad Witzel, Lu Feng, Ewa Finn, Samira Freitag, Alexander Fuerst von Lieven, Ryo Kato, Doerte Kraft, Frederic Krauke, Sascha Kuerschner,Yulia Kazakova, Walter Lenertz, Arturo Miranda Videgaray, Wolfgang Petrick, Julian Roncal, Kerstin A. Roolfs, Dennis Rudolph, Guenther Schaefer, Seo, Olaf Schirm, Anna Maria Sommer, Mathieu Sylvestre, Iva Vacheva, Mara Wagenfuehr, Mia Florentine Weiss, Kai Wiesinger, Andrej Wolff













For decades “autonomen” – anarchists and far-left demonstrators – have held an annual “Revolutionary May 1st protest” in Berlin’s Kreuzberg.

The past few years have seen some decline in the level of violence, particularly due to a family-friendly “My-fest” festival, that has been organized in the same area since 2003, drawing in enough peaceful by standers to dampen the ardor of protesters.

This year almost 20.000 demonstrators hit the streets. Riot police from all over Germany were streaming into the capital to keep the area under control.












Text and Pictures by  Stefanie Schmid Rincon

POSI+IVE  was at the Lykke Li concert last Wednesday at Astra Berlin  – Just in Time for her new Album Release  ‘I never Learn’ which was   last Friday, 2nd of May.

After the Dance and Summerhits  ‘Little bit’ , ‘Dance ,dance, dance’ and  ‘I follow rivers’, Lykke li is  back this summer with the melancholic and mysterious Album „ I never nearn“.


9 Tracks of heartbreak: ‘ sleeping alone’, ‘ heart of steal’ ,’ never gonna love again ‘ or ‘ love me like iam not made of stone’, are just a few songtitles ,where you can already feel some misery and bad romances she might have had in the past , making us the sensation that writing  maybe the cure for a broken heart.”I am longing for your poison like a cancer for its prey” –  The first line of ‘Gunshot’  a song  so cruel and so powerfull at the same time accentuated  by an 80’s style beat.



This feeling of misery and saddness is what you get in the first 20 minutes of the concert. Her beautiful on stage presence combined with the red/orange light and it’s smoky look on stage makes her Band look  silhouetted making the Venue feel like a big Campfire.

When ‘Love me like i am not made of stone’  kicks in  Lykke Li asks for some Whiskey beacuse in her words this song makes her feel  ‘Naked’ – this sort of personal  interaction with the audience makes us feel the emotions of this Heartbreak inspired album. She sang almost every song of her new Album and changing the structure of some others like for example in  ‘little bit’ in which a slide guitar was added.




‘Get some’ and ‘I follow rivers’ kept the audience singing and dancing until it was time to slow down again.

After 90 minutes the night came to an end with ‘saddness is a blessing’ . Ending the evening at the right moment.


Event: Awards Show
Where: Berlin
Text: Julián Roncal
Stefanie Schmid
Video: Andrea Morote

On the 16th of April, at Babylon cinema in Berlin, the 10th edition of the Achtung Festival was celebrated.


Achtung Festival will host their 11th edition next year, so it’s no surprise that filmmakers and production companies based in Berlin consider it one of the key festivals.
This edition of the festival was full of great films. All of them touching on reality from the point of view of each director and almost all of them touching the hearts of the viewers who attended one of the festivals cinemas.

The film competition is organized along these categories: “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg”, “Made in Berlin-Brandenburg: medium length and short films”, “Berlin Highlights”, “Retrospective”, “Festival Directors’ Choice” and “Special”.

The final prize pool was:

Best Film:
MillionenDirected by Fabian Möhrke

Best Production:
Godehard Giese for “Die Geschichte vom Astronauten” – Directed by Godehard Giese

Best Director:
Nico Sommer for “Familienfieber”

Best Documentary Film:
Wiener Ecke Manteuffel – Directed by Florian Schewe

Best Camera:
Paola Calvo for “The Visitor”

The Exberliner Film Award:
A Promised Rose Garden – Directed by Mönica Lima

The Exberliner Film Award – Special Mention:
The Silence Between Two Songs – Directed by Florian Schewe

Ecumenical Jury Award:
Wiener Ecke Manteuffel – Directed by Florian Schewe

Association of German film critics:
Antons Fest – Directed by John Kolya Reichart

Association of German film critics – Special Mention:
Männer zeigen Filme & Frauen ihre Brüste – Directed by Isabell Suba

Best Medium Lenght Film:
Sunny – Directed by Barbara Ott

Best Short Film:
Circuit – Directed by Robert Gwisdek

Best Short Film – Special Mention:
This is about senses and this is about happiness – Directed by Rike Hoppe

Blauer Traum – Directed by Malte Stein



07_Achtung_berlin1  02_Achtung_berlin1



Ivan Abreu @ Greusslich Contemporary

Interview by Nathalie Volcouve

1- When did you discover yourself as an artist?

Most of my family is linked to the sciences: my father is a physicist, my mother a chemist, my grandfather was a doctor and my uncle and cousin are neurosurgeons. Sciences, particularly the more abstract varieties, involve  imaginary efforts as does art. Maybe the decision of being an artist emerged from the immature impulse of breaking with that familiar tradition. Anyway, I am grateful for the rigor and respect for knowledge that they breathed into me. These  values and processes inform my work.

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Event: Concert
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

What a better place for a German artist to end his tour in Berlin? What if we add the stage of Berliner Festspiele, without a doubt the cocktail couldn’t taste better…or yes. Only remains one last ingredient: “till at least two years”, like they published at the social media channels, we will not be able to see Apparat with his band in tour. Is the moment to take your cup and savour a piece of this musical elixir that we could enjoy the past 7th of July.

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Event: Concert/Performance
Where: Berlin
Text: Andrea Morote
 Julián Roncal

The last Friday 5th of June we assisted to an interesting event where we discovered what really means an orgy of sounds and rhythms.
This experimental exchange took place at Tiefgrund, a cozy local where, besides of taking a beer, you can also watch a film on the summer terrace or sink down into its hidden rooms where you will find so inspiring acts like this one organized by Salon Bruit.

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Event: Performance
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal
Video: Andrea Morote

Ungemütlich, translated into English means uncomfortable. The exact definition at the dictionary is causing or feeling unease or awkwardness.

A series of performances made by different artist could be enjoyed the past 22 of June at Shift in Berlin. All of them under four premises: The first one is directly related to its title, ungemütlich/uncomfortable. The second premise is about some general ideas about the body, empathy and contemporality. The last two could be fused into two related topics. One is the place, a basement that reminds an old fabric where a nonexistent humidity could be breathed, combined with the work of each artist, being between merged from one performance to another, without losing the thread of the event…the discomfort.


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Event: Cinema projection
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

Today we go into one of the most interesting projects in Berlin. It is one of those that should abound around the globe, or more than abound (because they already exists), with more support from the governments or the companies that along with their exploitation on those underdeveloped countries, take benefits from the situation of it’s population.

Because of that, I’m really happy to see that out there some initiatives like this one are being built up. Allversity is a non-profit organization and their aim is to give an opportunity to those communities with low or less resources of the planet in order to give them access to all kind of knowledge.


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Event: Art Dinner
Where: Berlin
Text and Pictures: Julián Roncal

To eat is a pleasure of this life. There is no doubt about it. Out there are a lot of different cooking ways around the globe, each one enhanced to it’s cooking culture developed through the history of each region.

Between all of them, the Mediterranean cuisine could be considered at the top three, and inside of this one we can find the Italian cuisine. The first thing that come to the mind is the pasta, but there are more elements to be found. A few of us could enjoy the past 14th of June at Rallypad Community, where the Art Dinner from Infact took place.



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