Chasing Light: Gabriella Sturchio draws from her experiential struggles and challenges from cerebral palsy, illness, and being a twin.

She continually watched her sister face adversity, biased marginalization, and isolation, and started questioning socially constructed belief and value systems around themes of identity, disability, sickness.

Sturchio is curious about her privilege and guilt associated with “good” health. Her explorations aim t o engage people of varying ability who find themselves outside socio­normative molds, who relate to challenges regarding physical ability , and social and self ­ identity , specifically with in the context of sisterhood .

This project is important because it starts a conversation about stigmatized topics, and allows others to consider a more compassionate, informed, and empowering view about traditionally marginalized experiences.

About the author:
Bio: Gabriella Sturchio resides in Portland, Maine. She studied photography & art history at Maine College of Art where she received her BFA in 2012. Sturchio works as a photo technician for Maine College of Art. She was featured in publications such as Creative Quarterly, received a Good Idea Grant (2012) and an Artists Project Grant (2015) by the Maine Arts Commission, and was a featured artist for Paper Safe magazine.

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