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Andy Fabrykant was born in Argentina in 1984. He studied filmmaking at the Film University of Buenos Aires (FUC) and he did a master degree in Czech Republic at FAMU. Today he lives in Paris and he has already made 4 exhibitions (2011 – Paris, des lieux et de gens – Paris / 2011 – Nomade – Bourg-en-Bresse / 2012 – Tremplin Jaunes Talents – Saint-Mandé / 2013 – Besares – Buenos Aires). Even thought he is a filmaker he has been always around a film cameras.

After many years of walking around as a “flâneur” in my own city Buenos Aires (and after in Czech Republic and France) using my camera as a tool to get related with people and the city without knowing exactly what I was looking for, I realized that after the taxonomy of my work I could find the meaning of it. Because, what is a photographer more than a collector of images?

That’s how I started to find out which were my interests. In general, I am attracted to the relationship between the subject and the space. Sometimes it is an architectural approach where there is a lack of human activity and sometimes is completely the opposite, the subject verbs the object.
I have been working around this topic for the last 5 years creating different activities or how I like to call them: games.

Each game has it’s own rule and I try to change them so I can always have a fresh and new approach.
For example I just follow someone on the street and I let him take me to places that I don’t know. Normally I don’t take pictures of the subject, I just let him be an excuse bring me to where I am.
I know a piece is done when I let the person go or when I get interested in someone else.










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