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In an attempt to redefine and renew the way we move in the city, partly rethinking about the entire urban mobility, Kolelinia announces the launch of a new type of personal vehicle, Halfbike, designed and engineered to improve our lives in the city.


The platform of the driving position is innovative, because it places the user to a higher position compared to the one of a normal bicycle. This allows a better visibility and a more precise control. The pedals are smooth, allowing to travel fast and in an enjoyable way among the traffic of the city.


Halfbike is a small object and it’s easy to carry, convenient to take on board on public transport for longer journeys. It is lightweight and compact and it can also be simply brought in the office. Entirely hand-made with high quality materials, it is composed by a lightweight laser-cut aluminium frame and an intricately crafted impregnated set of plywood handlebars. Halfbike is an extraordinary tool both as a transport and for exercise. The pure joy of driving will motivate you to go out and have fun more and more often.


Kolelinia is a start-up, whose team investigates alternative and creative transport systems. In particular, Martin Angelov is the inventor of Halfbike and co-founder of Kolelinia with Mihail Klenov. Both are architects, enthusiasts and bike fans, and they have a solid background in the design and production of design elements.



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She graduated in 2012 at the University IUAV of Venice, Master in Building Technology, with a thesis on new media façades. Trainee at the studio TAMassociati (Venice) and Laboratorio2729 (Venice), she participated in two study-tours to New York, Holland and Germany.

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