Introducing Maurizio



Hello, my name is Maurizio Fiorino and I am a photographer.

I was born in Crotone, a small town located in southeastern Italy originally colonized by the Greek, in 1984. I started to take pictures around age 13 and I never stopped.

I lived in NYC for about five years and I recently moved to Milano. I decided to take pictures of this amazing city which I consider one of the best city I ever lived so far.

‘A Coffee with Maurizio’ will be a sort of diary. What I will do, simply, is to put some music on and to walk around the city, tring to capture feelings and vibes. All the pictures will be in black and white, as an homage to Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

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Photos by Andy Fabrykant Andy Fabrykant was born in Argentina in 1984

Porta Ticinese

Porta Ticinese

The are lot of legendary places in Milano and Porta Ticinese is one of it

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