Edited by Jenna E. Garrett. Video & photographs by Mario Leko.
down the hole

Mario Leko’s strange and surreal images surrounding sleep and dreaming culminate in the haunting short piece Jastuk, or ‘Pillow Shots’.

if pillow could speak,

i hid my yo-yo in the garden
let me be your one light

“to capture a dream or a dreamer, that face behind the pillow, the face of truth!

but it has to remain hidden, to survive! only faceless it can transcend, travel

and be everywhere and nowhere at the same moment, everything and nothing at same time.

the pillow is only a light burden for many dreams to come.”

Jastuk video:

Mario Leko was born 1982 in Split, Croatia. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts, he currently continues with his  education at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb (Department of Fashion Design). His first encounter with stage art was associated with days spent at the Youth Theatre Workshop  at the Youth Theatre in Split.

Leko has worked with many prominent costume designers, and comparatively designed costumes since 2006.  For some time now he has been stealing hours with his camera and his photos have been published in several on-line publications and magazines. He has exhibited in the group as well as solo exhibitions in Croatia, France and Bulgaria.  He has participated in the travelling exhibition “Culture Matters: UNESCO sites in Southeastern Europe”, where he was presented the heritage of Split, Trogir and Šibenik. From 2010 he has been a member of  Association of Artists of the Applied Visual Arts  (section of Theatre and Film Arts). Most recently, Leko is a student of Film and Video at the Arts Academy in Split.


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