Lunch Beat – Berlin 2012

The Lunch Beat movement was born in Sweden no more then two years ago, in a garage located in the central parts of Stockholm city. On an ordinary weekday, fourteen people danced together during their lunch break and loved it. Since then Lunch Beat has spread organically all across the globe, engaging thousands of participants, by simply offering them a unique and quite different, co-creative lunch experience.

On May 31 in 15 European cities Lunch Beat events will be happening simultaneously, they will all be live streamed. Cities on board so far: Edinburgh, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Helsinki, Hamburg, Paris, Porto, Istanbul, Humble, Manchester, Copenhagen, Uppsala, Oslo, and for the first time: BERLIN!

31st of May 2012 @ ZMF, Brunnenstr. 10, Berlin.

doors open 12.50 | 13:00 – 14:00 Uhr | 6 € YamYam-Berlin Food and water included |

More info and sign up for Lunch Beat Berlin 001 at

Watch the video:

Here you find the manifesto of the Lunch Beat tribe:

1st rule: If it’s your first lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
2nd rule: If it’s your second, third or fourth time lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
3rd rule: If you are getting too tired to actually dance at Lunch Beat, please have your lunch at some other place.
4th rule: You don’t talk about your job at Lunch Beat.
5th rule: At Lunch Beat everyone present is your dance partner.
6th rule: Any Lunch Beat are to be no longer than 60 minutes long and set during ”lunch time”.
7th rule: Lunch Beat always serve their guest with a 1 Dj-set and 1 take away meal.
8th rule: Water is always served during a Lunch Beat for free.
9th rule: Lunch Beat is a preferably drug free environment.
10th rule: Lunch Beat can be set up anywhere by anyone as long as they are announced as public events, are nonprofit arrangements and are directed by this manifesto.

At and and photo stream:

DJ: DJ NIBC (Head of Trunkfunk Records, Sweden)

LUNCH: yamyam berlin

LBB001 PRESS CONFERENCE: After the music stops


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