Metropolitan Express

Photographers: Morris Di Leo and Carmen Palmisano
Stylist: Umberto Sannino
Grooming: Serena Congiu
Models: Linus Gustin and Lucas Mascarini @ Fashion Model Milano

Lucas wears: coat BRIONI, turtkeneck BRIONI, roundneck COMEFORBREAKFAST, Trousers PORTS1961, socks BRIONI, shoes FENDI

Linus wears: suit BRIONI, shirt FENDI, turtleneck PORTS1961,socks BRIONI, shoes FENDI

Lucas wears: turtleneck PORTS1961, silk shirt BRIONI, sweater COMEFORBREAKFAST, Suit ANDREA INCONTRI

Linus wears: coat ANDREA INCONTRI, trousers ANDREA INCONTRI, turtleneck BRIONI, silk shirt GIORGIO ARMANI, sweater ANDREA INCONTRI, socks BRIONI, shoes FENDI

Lucas wears: coat VERSACE, turtleneck VERSACE, shirt AGLINI, neck warmer ANDREA INCONTRI, trousers PORTS1961, socks BRIONI, shoes BRIONI

Linus wears: leather top PORTS1961, shirt FENDI, turtleneck BRIONI, trousers GIORGIO ARMANI

Lucas wears: bomber jacket COMEFORBREAKFAST, turtleneck VERSACE, trousers PORTS1961

Lucas wears: coat GIORGIO ARMANI, knit FENDI, shirt FENDI, turtleneck PORTS1961, trousers PORTS1961

Linus wears: suit FENDI, turtleneck BRIONI, shirt PORTS1961, sweater COMEFORBREAKFAST

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