MIRAMONTI Boutique Hotel – kingdom of peace, oasis of natural beauty.

White soft snow… fresh clean air… the feeling you can touch the sky with a finger just by opening your windows. Imagine then, the perfect place for an experience of utmost comfort and relaxation, with breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. That place would be the MIRAMONTI; far away from everyday life and close to the roots of nature, this 42-room Boutique Hotel resides in the heart of South Tyrol, Avelengo.

Set 1230m above sea level, this jewel first opened its door at the beginning of the 20th century as a guest house with three rooms. Overlooking the city of Merano, it recently became a hotspot for young souls of the area to flock to.

The Hotel has been completely renovated, showcasing “The Owner’s House”, a home within the hotel. Nine rooms built of wood in clean architectural style and essential interiors, utilizing hand-made designer pieces alongside natural materials, and boasting shielded terraces offering spectacular views.

The freshly launched Q-SUITE (which guests can access from a secret door… magestically entering near the handmade spiral iron stair), debuts this month. This 42square meter suite lays upon the ground floor built over rock and one can’t help but marvel while looking through the 12-meter wide frameless glass window, offering a great view over the Adige valley.

The suite furthermore features Vitra Design furniture and local porphyry stone flooring with a walk-in shower boasting an extraordinary view over the city of Merano – you will feel like you’re showering in the heart of the forest!

For 5 years, this urban hotel is part of the SLH collection (Small Luxury Hotels of The World). The SLH group features a diverse collection of over 500 hotels in more than 80 countries around the world – its hotels are united by the offer of the prime locations, high quality, and a truly authentic way to discover a destination. This one of a kind retreat will pamper you with a charmful and eclectic sense of hospitality. The idea of the “undisputed protagonist” is all about the new and the traditional blending together flawlessly in a youthful but elegant and functional combination.

Design and atmosphere are a conscious priority, the Alpine style and the strength of nature play a supporting role when it comes to creating new spaces and emotional worlds. The immense glass-windows, the sapient use of the local stone, the refined Nordic inspired furnishings and setting, the chic accessories provide a guarantee 100% made in Italy and they’re all proof that “style is the answer to everything”.

What makes Miramonti a truly unique experience is the Vitalis SPA, for those deserving some pampering, you’re cuddled between indoor solutions such as Finnish saunas and Turkish baths or you can abandon yourself to a dedicated organic Spa treatment and rest in one of the relaxing areas while enjoying panoramic view.

One of the trade marks of Miramonti boutique hotel would be its salt-water 16 meters long infinity edge pool. Maintained at 32°C, it’s accessible all year-round and boasts views of St. Katherine church, which was constructed in the 13th century. Like a warm cave leads you to the stunning scenery in all four seasons.

With direct access from the 4th floor you can loose yourself, strolling along pathways in a leafy and natural protected forest of 30-hectares behind the structure.

Just a short drive away from Merano, with a population of 700 people, Avelengo is a tip for globetrotters and nature lovers where you will find the combination of luxury and naturalness, life and joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Thanks to the perfect location and the excellent organization “self-made” hoteliers Carmen and Klaus, owners of this dream built on the rock, offer you a series of activities to assure an authentic experience within nature: close to Merano 2000 Sky area with 40 km of groomed slopes, ski-tours, ice-climbing, horseback riding. From April to October, Klaus will accompany you himself through a very personal wine tasting tour to discover the local products and cellars of South Tyrol region.

Not to be left unmentioned, the culinary experience at Miramonti is simply elevated. With three different options: Panorama Restaurant, Klassik or Stube, which will meet your needs with a varied list of delightful courses. The cuisine is well-structured to guarantee authenticity of the taste, flavors of the territory and particular attention is given to the excellent quality and freshness of the ingredients.

The attention to the guest is 360-degree and always present. All staff members will take care of you – lending itself from a memorable hospitality experience to a well-deserved “time out”.

[quote_box name=””]“While the world around us is changing more and more quickly, we want to be a place of steadfastness and peace. A place with its own strength and its own aura. “Hard to find, hard to forget” – that’s how the MIRAMONTI should be remembered. Hard to forget, because we have already thought ahead for you. Because we can identify with you. We understand your needs and turn them into beautiful experiences.”
Carmen & Klaus.[/quote_box]

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