Salvatore Matarazzo
is a young professional photographer born and based in Viareggio, Tuscany.

Street Photography Versilia is a project born in 2013 to tell about my town through the eyes of the people who live in.
I believe that faces and facial expressions are the better way to explain Versiliasís soul rather than sunsets on the beach or the skyline of mountains.

Everyday I try to tell the history of the place where I live with my photos through the streets, squares, markets or on the entrances of the stores. The inspiration come to me in unexpected situations and I donít know exactly how it happens. It could be one old man with his beloved woman or a girl taking around her dog. I follow my instinct and every time I have different feelings.
What can impress me? Everything: the way of walking, a wrinkle on the face, an eccentric dress, etc
I can find exceptional circumstances in normal life. This is the reason why my project is evolving and nowadays there are about 150 street photos on my portfolio but I donít know when and how it will end.

2 Lido Di Camaiore, Italy 2013 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

3 Viareggio, Italy 2013 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

4 Viareggio, Italy 2013 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

5 Massarosa, Italy 2013 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

6 Massarosa, Italy 2013 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

7 Viareggio, Italy 2013 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

10 Marina Di Pietrasanta, Italy 2014 SPversilia (Salvatore Matarazzo)

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