Yesterday was the day of Tom Ford at #venezia73: the fashion designer, after his debout in Venice as director few years ago with “A Single Man”, a movie that was awarded with the Coppa Volpi prize for the best male interpretation to Colin Firth, presented his new masterpiece: “Nocturnal Animals”, with a super cast: Jake […]

Photos by Luigi Avantaggiato. Sophie, 8. Gastrintestinal disorder. Waiting room. “Animaly” is a project about pet care. For about a year, the photographer has visited animal clinics and hospitals in Rome. He took pictures in waiting rooms and operating theatres. He followed office visits and emergency procedures. This work tells a story about animals, but […]

Photos by Maria Oliveira Maria Oliveira was born in 1982 in a small village in the north of Portugal. In 2005 got a degree in Marketing in Universidade do Minho and currently live in Braga.