From the 4th of November 2017 to the 4th of February 2018, La Virreina in Barcelona hosts the exhibition of Patrick Faigenbaum's work, with the collaboration of Joan Roca.
architecture, AB House, built architecture, Barcelona, Spain

Studio: built architecture Architects: Diana Carbonell, Jaime Batlle, Victor Alavedra Team: Ignacio Arizu, Jennifer Álvarez All photos by © Eugeni Pons   An historic building, an apartment suspended in time, the architecture that brings it back to life and drags it into a new dimension. A perfect setting, an extraordinary background to life flowing, to poetry […]

Noroc Maroc is a group of five Romanian Gypsies who have settled in Barcelona for more than five years, living of junk collection.

  She Thought Outside The Box is a project run by two Silvias, Cabra and Conde. We are this “she”, the ones who think outside the box and the ones who want to share these ideas with the world. We write about nice cafés, unusual shops, special people specially from Berlin and Barcelona, but also […]

Ricardo Muñoz Carter is a 21 years old photographer based in a small town near Barcelona.

Mattia Matrone is a 22 years old artist who works with photography.He usually travels around the Europe looking for situations, people and objects that hide some interesting stories he re-write by the CMOS camera sensor.He attended group exhibitions in Italy and England and in May 2011 he did his first solo exhibition in Bologna, his hometown