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For Alex Kruchkovsky photography becomes an exploration of the city. He is interested in hidden, not festive places of the city, a border zone. He’s also interested in people portraits in some strange places, known or unknown for them, like people exploring the city or their neighborhood, showing their lifestyle and the view of life. […]
Mushfiqur Rahman

Getting close to his grandma, Mushfiqur Rahman explores the life of a person affected by Alzheimer and how the things he sees don't happen only to his grandmother but to many other elderly people in his country and the world.

We have interviewed Sara Zanella a young and very talented Italian photographer based in Copenhagen on her project The Way Home Russia.

One day-from the morning to the evening spent with a girl next door.  Free soul free spirit, total freedom in four walls and in the garden. obody looking, nobody hires. She tries to connect with the world. Not everything what we want to show must have the reason, sometimes only just because we feel like that some one want to see. […]

Editor Note: Cuba in black and white – part 2: this is the second story about Cuba. You can see the previous one we published yesterday here. After the US embassy’s reopening in the Havana, can Cuba undergo an important change? Is the question that everybody ask. The country that has been the example of “anti-imperialism”, […]

From a European survey, done in 2008, emerges that the children surveyed thinks that the farmer is a busy grandfather, friendly and caring; that oranges, olives and bananas grow in the UK, peaches in Finland, that cotton comes from sheeps, the chicken has fourlegs, that is unknown how sugar is produced, that blackberries are candies […]

This is a story about love. The backside of it. The hard part of closeness, trust and acceptance. This is a story about how vulnerable we are when we expose ourselves to another human being. How fragile we are. And how little it takes for us to lose ourselfes in the intoxination of love. But […]

  The idea behind these pictures was to create a photographic diary of the six-week trip through Cuba. Capturing cuban everyday-life scenes with my camera, I wanted to narrate Cuba as I perceived it- to tell about a series of moments and encounters which form, as pieces of a puzzle, my Cuban experience. Travelling through […]

Positive Magazine is presenting today a new photography story: “East Coasters”. In this story you can see black and white photos showing the life of surfers in different places, shot by Christopher Dowell. The author of this serie is a young artist from Chicago who is now studying photography at Savannah College of Art and […]

Text and Photos By Pietro Carlino Jamaica has a rich history, signed by violence and blood. A past of piracy and slavery, of fight and struggle. One of the most religious country in the world, influenced by ancient african rituals, motherland of Rastafarianism, Jamaica is also worldwide famous for it’s music: from mento to ska […]