luca tombolini

Artist Statement: From what are the sensations we feel about some places generated? Is it possible in a specific environment to produce a photographic representation of the states of the Unconscious? Away from everyday life, traveling alone in remote desert areas sets the self in an essential state: abandonment of the social superstructure, deconstruction of […]

Photos by Luca Tombolini Born 1979 in Milan. Completed classical studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with final assignment on visual rhetoric in Cinema. At university I met with photography and decided to follow my passion for it, experimenting in large format negative film. Since 2011 drum scanning and printing on large […]

This project investigates our perception of Time and Space. I aimed to photograph the essential traits of the land and resulted with a collection of primary forms that could be eventually re-combined to create more complex sights. Visually traveling into the possibilities of shaping of a landscape implies Matter shaping through Time and Space. All […]

Luca Tombolini, born 1979 in Milan, completed Classical Studies at high school and then graduated in Communication Studies with a final assignment on visual rhetoric in cinema. Professional photographer since 2006, is dedicating a lot of his time to personal projects. He works in large format negative film and drum scans. He prints on large […]