Words and photographs: Mara Sánchez Renero

Due to the bi-annual architecture exhibition in Venice, Spazio Ridotto and Zuecca Project are presenting ReConstructo - Rebuilding Mexico, a project curated by Luis Carbonell and Andres Souto. 

And she definitely is one — Francesca Bonato, the star behind Coqui Coqui. Alongside her partner in crime and soulmate Nicolas Maleville, this dynamic duo keeps the wanderlust souls and adventurous globetrotters dreaming since their first opening way back in Tulum, 2003. “It all started accidentally!” Francesca says after the small house she and Maleville […]

It's 10:00 pm. We're driving off the highway that connects Cancun airport to the Riviera Maya, cuddled by a warm and salty ocean breeze - the way scattered by outstanding Five-star Resorts.

In Mexico, on the outskirts of the city, there are some places that when dusk comes a practice begins that for many means power. Cockfights as entertainment and a social activity, which  in Mexico date back to the early sixteenth century, have since evolved, becoming a distinctive sign of our culture. This hobby is widespread […]

Photography: Ricardo Palavecino The Mixtecos, indigenous people from Oaxaca, Mexico, live and work in Ventura County, California, US. Mixtecos have been a vital part of the Ventura County’s economic success. Concentrated in labor-intensive agricultural sectors such as row crops. The lack of alternatives in Mexico, forces them to leave their villages and take the long journey […]

Photos by Cecilia Mezulic The series Pasajes presents a view of the cheap hotels situated in the old neighborhoods of San Rafael and Tabacalera, in the very heart of Mexico City. These hotels are an iconic presence in the urban landscape of the city, they can be found everywhere with the same peculiarities. In these […]

Daniel Espinoza (Mexico City, 1979) lives and works in Zürich. While studying for his degree in Engineering and following his passion, Daniel undertook courses in photography and worked profusely in the dark room, but for the most part he is self-taught, relying largely on passion and instinct. After living in England and Spain, in 2010 […]

Mexico: By Arianna Galati La niña guera en la ciudad de los morenos La metro di Città del Messico ha tutte queste linee intersecate e stazioni immense da percorrere per trovare la propria destinazione. Saliamo sulla verdeoliva da Universidad a Hidalgo, per ritrovarci nelle preparazioni infuocate di buona retorica del Social Forum che sarà qui […]