Michele Cirillo


The history of women in Morocco encases the realities daughters of female participation and inclusion in social and economic processes, supported by the young King Mohammed VI policy. Independent since 1956, Morocco has been a land of strong internal changes expressed mainly in so- called “Arabian Springs” of 2011. Although gender equality is still far, […]

Riace is a town of about 1,726 inhabitants near Reggio Calabria, well-known for the discovery, in 1972, the famous Riace Bronzes, two bronze statues of Greek origin discovered in an exceptional state of conservation just 200 meters from the coast of Riace Marina. Since 2004, thanks to the hospitality of the mayor Domenico Lucano policies, […]

Located in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla is the “city of salt” (‘tuz’ is the Turkish word for salt) and has neolithic origin. Thanks to salt deposits can be considered one of the oldest European settlements. During the communist period, Tuzla developed into a major industrial and cultural centre in former Yugoslavia.(SOLANA […]