petra fantozzi

  „Fête de la Musique“, initiated in France in 1982, started to develop in Europe in 1985 with European Year of Music. Since 1995, the public and private bodies present have co-organised a European Music Fest, every 21st June, in order to show their will to foster improved knowledge of the current artistic realities in […]

Marcel Ostertag Backstage – Fashin week Berlin July 2012 Photos: Petra Fantozzi

“Breaking Pace” Photos: Petra Fantozzi Strellson is one of the most successful brand developments of recent years. It is an international, innovative and self-confident brand for the today´s generation.

Three years ago, on April 6 at 3:32 am, at the foot of the Gran Sasso (Umbria – Italy) the ground trembled. The city of L´Aquila was strongly affected by the shocks and 309 people died. These pictures are from 2011, two years after the calamity. Photos: Petra Fantozzi