Behind the scenes of Paris Photo with London-based gallery Brancolini Grimaldi.

On Novemeber 2012 will take place for the second time the Paris Photo at the Gran Palais (Paris).

Yemen is definitely on the brink. An unknown, opaque, mysterious country which has had a very complicated evolution since the very beginning. This hapless place has been stigmatized as one of the ultimate nest of  Islamic terrorism, which makes such an enormous contrast given the warm and welcoming Yemeni people. Unexplored, scary, and physically breathtaking, Yemen is unique.

Veronica Nardulli was born in Taranto in 1983. He studied painting at the 'Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and photography at the center for photography Labò school of Bologna.

Italian photographer Matteo Varsi uses expired polaroid film as a visual diary of his everyday life.

Mitra Tabrizian was born in Tehran. Her roots has been crucial in developing her vision as an artist. The exhibition reflects the idea of homeland, the perception of hybrid cultural identities, the reality of everyday life in the UK for Muslim communities from the Middle East.

Finnish photographer Vilma Pimenoff explores the psychology of perception through strange, alien figures both fascinating and foreboding. POSI+TIVE chats with her about the method behind the madness.

Federico nasce nel 1994 ereditando fin da piccolo la passione del padre per la fotografia. Inizia a scattare alle gite delle elementari come tanti altri suoi compagni ma la cosa lo appassiona sempre più, facendogli maturare, negli anni, il proprio stile.

Designer Carl W. Heindl's DIY studio lighting coupled with medium format film illustrates how far a little ingenuity and inspiration can go.

Bulgarian artist Arslan Ahmedov uses a combination of analogue photography and manipulated texture to create ephemeral portraits and ethereal landscapes, all just beyond reach.