Finnish photographer Vilma Pimenoff explores the psychology of perception through strange, alien figures both fascinating and foreboding. POSI+TIVE chats with her about the method behind the madness.

Federico nasce nel 1994 ereditando fin da piccolo la passione del padre per la fotografia. Inizia a scattare alle gite delle elementari come tanti altri suoi compagni ma la cosa lo appassiona sempre più, facendogli maturare, negli anni, il proprio stile.

Designer Carl W. Heindl's DIY studio lighting coupled with medium format film illustrates how far a little ingenuity and inspiration can go.

Bulgarian artist Arslan Ahmedov uses a combination of analogue photography and manipulated texture to create ephemeral portraits and ethereal landscapes, all just beyond reach.

Jürgen Bürgin was born in Lörrach in Germany in 1971. He was studying German literature, linguistics and economy in Freiburg and received a degree at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg in 1998.

"I spent my life looking into the eyes of the people, that is the only place, where perhaps still exist a soul.” Jose Saramago.

Photographer Jonathan Kelso explores the southern part of the United States with his heart on his sleeve.

Gazans lament Egypt attack, speculate on Israel black ops. By Adie Mormech, Gaza City Tuesday 7th August Photography by Tilde De Wandel   Thousands of Palestinians gathered for evening prayer in front of the Egyptian embassy in Gaza City Monday evening, in memory of the 16 Egyptian soldiers killed the previous night. The gunmen remain […]

Mario Leko's strange and surreal images surrounding sleep and dreaming culminate in the haunting short piece Jastuk, or 'Pillow Shots'.

Virginia Ines Vergara is a New York based photographer. Her latest project includes glass-scapes realized with three different cameras of which only the third one takes pictures. The first two, film-less, function as viewing devices only.