Since 2016, Esparza has been interested in various aspects of the desert landscape: its aesthetic representation, its commercial, political, and cultural uses and its appropriations. For him, it seems relevant to comment on the dynamics of human interaction with the environment in the context of the anthropocene; where is necessary to adjust to new climatological […]

We have interviewed Sara Zanella a young and very talented Italian photographer based in Copenhagen on her project The Way Home Russia.

One day-from the morning to the evening spent with a girl next door.  Free soul free spirit, total freedom in four walls and in the garden. obody looking, nobody hires. She tries to connect with the world. Not everything what we want to show must have the reason, sometimes only just because we feel like that some one want to see. […]

e have been in Venice for the latest exhibition of the American photographer David la Chapelle. “Lost+Found”, is the title of the exhibition, taking place at “Casa dei Tre Oci” in Venice, is running till september. Go and check it out the show! We liked it so much. DAVID LA CHAPELLE LOST+FOUND Venezia / Tre […]

Growth is a collection of twenty deliberately crafted images which portray the sometimes difficult, and yet tender, journey to self-realization.

The international photographer Rankin is presenting his latest show at CWC Gallery in Berlin, starting from the 25th of February until the 1st of April 2017.

Silence or just a whisper, a modest discretion surfaces from these photographs. In this series, Julia Genet underlines the subtle beauty of Estonia. Ordinary subjects such as a chair, a bare tree, a bench... just as many pictures one would like to be eternal. Driven by the imperative need for harmony and isolation, the French photographer escaped the oppressing atmosphere of Paris for ...

This work is an extensive long-term research oriented work on the wastelands of major urban cities in a developing country like India with an ever increasing population catering to the growing needs of consumerism .The focus of this work is mainly centred around the lives of people living near these vast wastelands filled with waste and dirt, living in squalor ...

Hong Kong, like any other big city is a concrete jungle, hustling and bustling with life. Nothing stops, everything happens in a heartbeat.  From the rising skyline forever competing with the fast paced city life, to the cacophony of lights forming a symphony of their own, this is a city that is as lively as it is varied.

Apart from merely recording objects and events, Peter Braunholz strives to discover surreal connections in real life. His main focus is on revealing layers of reality which are not perceptible to the naked eye. In his new series "Ecken" he reveals the hidden poetry of corners.