Interview by Marina Trancoso, photography editor. Born to a Russian family and raised in France, Alexis Zelensky is the definition of a globetrotter. In this interview, we speak to him about his series “Cour de Be”, a documentation of life and the social relations in Lomé, Togo.

FOCUS: PERFECTION – ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE, the first Canadian retrospective of one of the twentieth century’s most influential photographers opened last week at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA)

Ghosts of Empire is a collection of collages created by Ben Gore, about the rise and fall of human civilization. The project is a group of visual vignettes which each deal with an issue that has plagued mankind on its quest for civility; whether it be war, environmental destruction, the loss of self, colonialism, and […]

The other day we published The Rencontres d’Arles report written by our guest contributor Susanna Pozzoli. Today instead we wanted to show you some more photos that our photographer Massimo Nicolaci, (which has also been featured in the new issue of Positive Magazine) realized while he was in Arles during the opening days. Have a […]

Words and Photographs by Susanna Pozzoli The opening week of 2016 edition of the “Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles” has been very intense. Under a hot sun over 15.000 visitors came to see the 40 exhibitions presenting over 130 artists. Numerous openings, projections, workshops, portfolio revues and talks, have been organized by both the […]

This project is the result of a 10 day trip through Switzerland around big cities, namely Lugano, Lucerne and Zurich, smaller villages like Chur, and some points of interest along the way, like Walensee, using only a Pentax SP1000 camera and 2 Fuji C100 color films.

Horizon: The passage is blocked; between us and nature it is always interposes something. What’s behind these structures? What are for us? They seem to be lifeless, empty containers without no one. Concrete ghost blocks ghost in stasis, they apparently are waiting for the return of someone. For ours eyes are now only a hindrance, an abandonment […]

“Walter Quiet is a 21 years old photographer and he loves Art, in every form. He got into photography at the age of 15, when going out with his friends and he started to feel the need to document the days spent together and catch every single aspect of his surroundings, taking pictures with a […]

Photolux Festival 2015 International Biennial of Photography Lucca, 21 November – 13 December PHOTOLUX is the Biennial International Festival of Photography that takes place in Lucca, Tuscany. As a symbol of the project, we have chosen Light, the essence of Photography. In today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded by a plethora of images, PHOTOLUX, […]

Mudi Chris Eghweree is a London based graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. He has never stopped taking photographs since purchasing his first 35mm film SLR. 14 years later, he shoots with both digital and 35mm film documenting his existence through still imagery. 
When did you start to think about photography? I grew up around photography […]