A new interview on Positive Magazine, this time we have been in Germany and we met Monika Deitmer. She was born and grown up in a little village near by Münster, Germany. She studied architecture in Coburg. Her native place she has found in the Allgäu, mountainous region in the south of Germany. There she’s […]

These pictures were made during the first road trip of Maxwell Ross across the American West. He lived entirely in the Eastern United States, and he was surprised at how distinct the visual expressions of local culture were from place to place, especially in relation to the mostly homogeneous built environments of the East.  These […]

  This was specifically the note linked to the directive n° 40 in which Adolf Hitler personally employed the Todt Engineering company to built the most impressive and wide war architectures that history ever seen during the 1942. Everything started after the end of Dunquerke battle, when France signed the “stop of fighting” with the […]

We are introducing a new interview with a young photographer from New York City. Dexter Storey lives now in Toronto where he’s studing acting at the Claude Watson Art Program at Earl Haig High School. He loves learning and having fun with friends as well as collaborating with like minded artists. He is currently working […]

Our daily interview is with Safia Delta, a photographer based in Paris. She comes from the South of France and she started almost 2 years ago to take photos. She’s passionate about street photography and she like to document about those inner trips she takes in her everyday life. When did you start to think […]

We interviewed a new young photographer from Spain: Jesús Alcalá. He define himself as an amateur photographer living in Extremadura, Spain. He was born in 1995 and he shoots with a 35mm camera. Jesús usually takes photos about his life. When did you start to think about photography? I started to take photos two years […]
Moscow Photography Awards

Are you a photographer? Do you want to challenge yourself? Don’t miss the chance to submit your work for the next edition of the Moscow Photo Awards. Photographers around the world are eligible to send their work to MIFA. The winners have the chance to win 7,000 $ cash prizes and also an exhibition at […]

We present a serie of photos shot yesterday by our photographers Alessio Costantino, Caterina De Zottis and Eleonora Agostini at the Lido of Venice. We have been waiting for a year to speak about #venezia72 and now we are ready to show you around. Stay tuned about the festival on our facebook, twitter and instagram […]
francesca occhi

Francesca Occhi (1988) is a young italian photographer, graduated in Cultural Heritage Photography at ISIA in Urbino. Her Master’s thesis, titled MEMENTO, that you can find in Rome at the lstituto Nazionale per la Grafica del Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo (Photographic section), is a photographic project about Second World War […]

I’m a Filmmaker and Photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. My work is often perceived as somewhat offbeat and I guess you could call it a nightmare for Chromophobiacs. I find my films have a narrative but verge on the experimental. Both my films and photographs are dominated by colour and usually have an odd or surreal […]