Photos by Heami Lee I work as a digital tech and assistant for photographers. When I am traveling for work or for pleasure I ask a stranger to come to my hotel room and I take a portrait of them. There must be a connection felt and then I approach them. Within the first 5 […]

Artem Nadyozhin is young photographer from Kiev. Raised in Pervomaisk, a small industrial town on the south of Ukraine, Artem still finds his inspiration in the memories of foggy landscapes and abandoned factories of his hometown which had significant influence on his manner of photography. Lowered contrast, desaturated colors and slightly blurred contours perform the […]

Dave Imms (b.1985) takes pictures of people and the presence of people. The notions running throughout his pictures are the idea’s of past-time and leisure, work and commitment. It’s about the things one does and the lifestyle choices one makes that sets them apart from another – ‘a critical study of the man on the […]

Edited by Elisabetta Carli Photos by Jack Davison Jack Davison is a 23 years old photographer living in England. He didn’t study photography but he has an English Literature degree in Warwick University. His work is a mix of both film and digitally manipulated photography. Portraiture and street photography, I’d describe his pictures realistic, truthful, genuine. Jack’s last serie, […]

Photos by Thomas Bonamy “We often say the eyes are the window to the soul. If that is true, then our camera lens, a recent technological continuation of our eye, must also be able to perceive the soul. This is what Thomas Bonamy tries to capture with this series of pictures for the group Rise.

Morgane Lefevre was born in 1986. In 2004 she entered a French Art school where she discovered Photography. After that the passion of Photography has never left her. She spend all her time travelling to explore the world and Human’s heart. Human life, Human thought, Human feelings, this is what interested her. She tries to […]

Edited by Odeta Catana, photography editor Photos of Hanna Ukura Flickr Could you please tell us a little more about yourself. Where do you live? I currently work as a freelance photographer here in Stockholm but my main goal is to travel as much as I can, leave Sweden, maybe live in a car? and […]

Victor Laupin is a young model and artist. He lives currently in Paris. Here some photos of him in Paris, and some artworks he did last year. Photos: Giacomo Cosua.

Photos by Alexandre Chamelat He was born in 1990, Paris, France, but he always lived in Toulouse where he studied computer science for 3 years and the 4th atMontréal, Québec, Canada. On August 2012 , he started to study photography in a private school (ETPA) in France.

Alveraz Ricardez is a photographer from Los Angeles. This project was his first and explores the uncompromising streets of Downtown, L.A. He focused on 4 specific blocks where the marginalized and ordinary people of downtown are captured in the most extraordinary of moments. He has a solo exhibit opening September 12th, 2013 at the Blackstone […]