What can you really do with an iPhoneX? We have been testing in Venice the phone (not the new one), just to understand how powerful can be. Venice is our city, where we come from and this is just a short film to show some areas of the city you might know pretty well, and […]

“Infidels, pagans, non-believers,” these are terms the Islamic State (IS) uses when referring to minority groups within their reach. IS’s aggressive entry into Iraq, which is home to mostly Sunni Muslims, made additional targets of minorities who practice Yazidism or Christianity. Some of IS’s most vile tactics have been its public penchant for the abduction and forced conversion of children ...
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Bang & Olufsen has been a bulwark, an excellence, in audio and video sector for ages. Since 1925, in fact, the brand, product after product, has etched its name in history, becoming a leading brand in high quality and design. To celebrate their 90th year of age the Danish group, founded in Struer by two young engineers Peter Bang e Svend Olufsen, has created a limited edition collection: the […]

Mario Leko's strange and surreal images surrounding sleep and dreaming culminate in the haunting short piece Jastuk, or 'Pillow Shots'.