“Vestige” is a story about a landscape – the one of a man and of nature. It is an attempt to symbolically translate human emotions into the landscape. It is an attempt to find out what does connect an external with an internal: patterns, tensions, contradictions, etc. Visually presented metaphors of a man and his […]

Lukasz Nowosadzki is a Polish photographer. He graduated from the University of Warsaw with a master’s degrees in Photography (2014) and Public Relations (2008). He was a finalist of International Street Photography Awards, student category, in 2013 and 2014. In 2014 he had his first solo exhibition – images from Warsaw Nights were shown in […]

Void of everything that is important. I am trying to think about the “road.” I cannot. I am completely exhausted. All in all, I am going only because of the weather. The prospect of wind, snow, and my flashes on the beach did not let me sleep. Besides, I am afraid of the few days […]

Photos by Tomas Zadamowicz Zygmuntów was founded in 17775 by Zygmunt Siemieński. It was located in the vicinity of Szydłowiec. Inhabited by only 60 people, yet the town still enjoyed many laws – to organise 12 fairs during a year being one of them. However, after 30 years it ceased to exist. What is even […]