Whitechapel Gallery

Rachel Whiteread

WhitechapelGallery in London is proud to announce that the sixth artist to win the Art Icon award 2019 is Rachel Whiteread, with her unique sculptures.

A new exhibition displaying Francis Alÿs's The Upset Bucket and the work of 28 international artists, including Ai Weiwei and many others.

The Whitechapel Gallery’s recent unveiling of rare works by contemporary art’s court jester, Maurizio Cattelan, is an explosion of the repressed hypocrisies embedded in western civilization. Never one to shy away from a good joke, each room is marked with one, whether it be the life size figure of Pope John Paul being hit by […]

Josiah McElheny entitled his exhibition, which is currently hosted at the Whitechapel Gallery in London as a part of the Bloomberg Commission, The Past Was A Mirage I'd Left Far Behind.