The Clash of Civilization

Photos by Marwane Pallas

Reading The Saints

Marwane Pallas is a French photographer. Before taking photography as a hobby, he used to draw. Last year, when his studies became too time consuming, he decided to switch to photography, wrongfully thinking it’ll help him to create art « quicker ». He recently left his native countryside to attend a Parisian Grande Ecole of Business, and he is also studying History of Art in another school.

This series was shot in August. There are all self-portraits that I shot on my own. I wanted to portray the Clash of Civilization and the Clash of my inner me(s). I draw a parallel between the diversity of the civilizations around the globe and the diversity of our personalities. They both lead to misunderstandings, wars, cruelties, but have also their moments that restore hope. I’m a big fan of History. I think our colonialism past says a lot about what we are. I also wanted to represent a forest like an habitat, like it still is for many people.”

Waking Up

La descente

First Contact


The Bath

One Last Bullet

Lost Belongings

The Clash

La Camara Oscura

Comic Book Hero

Hara Kiri

Being Human

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Australian continent glimpses through the postman eyes.

Australian continent glimpses through the postman eyes.


MFW FW13- Backstage Elena Mirò

MFW FW13- Backstage Elena Mirò


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