Photos by Michael Tsenti

Michael Tsenti_Identity 1

Using a half frame camera and shooting on black and white Michael focused on identity and the loneliness it causes when it is taken away. Michael was also intrigued by the simplicity of covering someone’s face and therefore making them unrecognisable. This is an ongoing project focusing on identity and the damage it can do to people when it is taken away.

Michael Tsenti is a 3rd year photography student at Norwich University of the Arts in the UK. Focusing on Documentary/Fine Art photography he tries to focus on social and political issues and attempts various ways of experimentation to communicate his views. 

Starting photography in 2007, Michael attended Barnet College studying a Btec National Diploma in photography. Not really having a style then he tried experimenting a lot and trying to find a style which eventually led to a project on Identity. This was the first real style that fitted what he wanted to do.

Michael Tsenti_Identity 2

Michael Tsenti_Identity 3

Michael Tsenti_Identity 4

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