The Public Space According To Piazza dell'Architettura

Edited by: Lorenzo Pentasuglia – Guest Editor – @archifetish

Translation assistant: Martina Sganga

Photo by: Davide Maria Palusa – Michele Radoslovich 

Where : Trieste, Galleria d’arte moderna Revoltella

Events: Piazza dell’Architettura

The second edition of “Piazza dell’Architettura”, an event that in 2010 led more than 5000 people to visit the exhibitions, has just ended.The “Piazza”, especially in Italy, is an important meeting point for people, an urban space which is a social experience of the whole community. It’s in this public space that we meet, we interact and we compare with others.

For this reason the organizers have thought of the event as a great public place where the dialogue is both with its occupants and, consequently, with the city.

In this sense, the Exhibitions becomes a sort of Public Building that overlook this Virtual square; Conferences are transformed into Bars and Meetings into Chat. In other words, a large space for exchanging ideas, a meeting point for architects, professional offices, cultural associations and local authorities.

Theme of this year, the sustainable urban regeneration.

The main exhibition, Retrouver Trieste, brings together five internationally renowned photographers (Bas Princen, Stefano Graziani, Giovanna Silva, Amedeo Martegliani and Armin Linke who described Trieste with a critical look at the potential of physical and human resources inside the city.

The 20 projects, from some of the emerging Italian offices, that GATA presents in “Architetti in prospettiva” (Architects in perspective) were chosen for their interest in the issues of reuse, regeneration and sustainability.

MODERNISM IN BETWEEN” is a photographic exhibition by Wolfgang Thaler that reminds us of how the close ex Yugoslavia, during the Cold War, was a country suspended between two worlds, and that the architecture made here cannot be classified as anything but “Yugoslavian Modernism “.

Nearby, if only from a geographical standpoint, the exhibition Deserted Utopia, by Tanja Deman and Vesna Jovanovic, tells us about the emancipation of a socialist society and what legacy this entails.

Trieste vista da Graz ( Trieste view from Graz)collects projects that the students from the Graz University of Technology have designed for the area of “the Lantern”, inTrieste.

Finally, Architrip, edited by Cecilia Morassi,is the story of the journey through the most interesting architecture by Lacaton & Vassal, architects who made the “Low Cost” the theoretical (and rhetorical) basis of their approach.

You can visit the exhibitions at the Gallery of Modern Art Revoltella in Trieste until  February 24th 2013.


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