The White Canvas Project – Shoreditch

Edited by: Matilde Casaglia – Art and Culture Editor –
Artworks by: Will Barras, Mr Penfold, Memuco, Buethewarrior, Guy Mckinley, Jim Vision, Sandra Dieckmann, Chase, Blaine Fontana, Sheone, David Walker
White Canvas Project, Great eastern street, art, London, Shoreditch
In a hidden corner of Shoreditch, to be precise at 17 Great Eastern Street, a group of artists is exposing artworks as part of White Canvas Project III. It is the third time that Supremebeing features an event of this kind in the UK, and the idea is to expand. The next venues will be where some of the artists involved are from, like China and Belgium.
White Canvas III started in the country side, where the group of eleven artists went for a weekend away, all together, sharing the space and enjoying working as a team, even if anyone for their own piece of art.

“It was a great experience and, as you can see in the video, we were all having fun. Sometimes working with others brings you out something that, alone in your studio, wouldn’t have come out,” said SheOne while pointing the video feature about the artists’ long weekend exposed in the gallery.
“The idea was to bring people out of the city, to the country side, to work in a better environment. This is how it all started,” said funder of Supremebeing and manager of the project David Walker.

Supremebeing has promoted street art and its culture for several years, providing inspiration for t-shirts and graphic designs. This helped to develop a clothing brand, which gives a nod to the artists and generates some income.
The gallery will remain open until October 18, and there is a chance to meet some of the artists around so keep your eyes open.

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