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About The World Ended.

My weekends have always being related to trip to the countryside of São Paulo. During my childhood they were visits to my grandparents and father. In my adult life, those visits remained and the west of São Paulo state came to the picture for visits to my wife’s family.
I’ve always been interested in understanding the routine of cities, between citizens and public spaces, whether they are big or small towns. In the last year I concentrated in the study of the small towns in São Paulo state, when everyone one is indoors, with their families, during weekends. I started wandering trough the cities streets looking for traces of life, signs that showed that practically deserted town was inhabited and alive in other moments.
From these paths trough São Pedro, Piracicaba, Votuporanga, Riolândia and other small towns came The World Ended.

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Felipe Abreu is a 24 year old photographer and videomaker based in São Paulo, Brazil, graduated in cinema in the São Paulo University in 2012. His main interests are in the organization of cities, in their architecture and how it’s inhabitants interact with them.

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