Things we love about Vintage

Things we love about Vintage

For the couple behind Jamin Puech handbags, vintage fuels inspiration.

Stylist and text by Matias Errazuriz
Photography by Fabien Lemaire.

With its exposed bricks walls, faded furniture and quirky kitchen, Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin’s atelier is a textbook example of the power of vintage style. ‘We are collectors, and our finds inspire the way we live and work’, says Isabelle.The space is a cornucopia of collections, some created by the couple’s artist friends. most bought from Parisiam flea markets.

It is both edgy and nostalgic, yet very welcoming.
The couple-who met in the late Eighties and designed accesories for the likes of Chloe, Chanel and Balmain, before concentrating on their own label- fell in love with the space back in 2000. Set at the end of courtyard in Pari’s 9th arrondissement, within spitting distance of the grands magasins, its central location was perfect.

“We bought the ground floor and basement which, at the time, was a repair workshop for meery-go rounds”, says Benoit. “We installed a loft-style living space at the back for us, and turned the rest into our atelier and offices. As the label grew, we managed to buy the first and second floor of the building”.

It’s not surprising that the couple’s atelier is constantly evolving-they’ve always bucked trends, creating exquisite, intricate designs that draw inspiration from a wealth of eras and cultures.

The handful of Jamin Puech shops continue in the same vein. At the London boutique, vast chandeliers mae from wooden clothes pegs preside over the latest collection-a quirky, eloquent reminder of the Jamin Puech ethos of finding beauty in the most unexpected places.

Find Jamin Puech at 54 Ledbury road
W11 2AJ London
+44(0)207 221 30 59

14 Prince street
10012 New York
+1(212)431 5200

26, rue Cambon
75001 Paris
+33(0)1 40 20 40 28

Via Solferino, 3
20121 Milano
+39 02 92 87 05 84

Tips of Vintage style for Isabelle Puech and Benoit Jamin

1 It inspires our work “W’ve built up huge collection of bits and pieces from Clignancourt market that we display in apothecary jars’, says Isabelle.The couple use the jars as visual inspiration, and delve into the contents to trim and decorate their handbags.’We never stop looking for new materials and ways to work whith them’.

2 It packs a punch “We like watching people’s reactions when they see this huge letter’, says Benoit.’It came from a neon sign on a department store.It illuminates the first- floor leading,along with the chandelier created with sculptor Patrick Bailly.The wall was stripped back to bare brick when the couple renovated two years ago.’We liked its rough, indistrial feel, so didn’t replaster.

3 It pulls together all kinds of cultures ‘We use mood boards with images gleaned from the past, from artist as well as from Western,African and Asian cultures,’ says Isabelle.Part of their new collection was inspired by images from photogtapher and filmmaker Erwin olaf ‘, We loved these sed yet sublime characters.’

4 its ecofriendly ‘We chose vintage table and units to crate a cosy and homely vibe in the kitchen,’ says Benoit. The couple sourced the units,cupboards and shelves from flea markets,and added a worktop in polished concrete for modern contrast.

5 its worksin a variety of spaces ‘ The poster in our reception makes people do a double take.
we found the napoleon lll sofa in a garden,photographed it and now use it as our emblem.The tripod lamp came from the old BBC studios,’it’s perfect for creating a sense of theatre.’

6 It has a sense of humour “Buying a vintage piece gives you licence to have fun with it, “says Benoit. “I added the chalk message to our flea market bath when it was photographed for our New Year’s greetings card. It was filled with plastic ducks and large glitter ball.

7It appeals to a magpie spirit “We love mixing unexpected pieces -a vintage sewing machine chair with a new bespoke desk”, says Benoit. Antique storage boxes storeever-growing collections.A healthy amount of clutter-invites ideas,to-do list-adds a creative,informal vibe.

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